For those of you who know me, know I can’t sit still and I always have a project in the works whether it is for a client, myself or for my kids. The purpose of my blog is to share little creative snippets and ideas that others can enjoy or try themselves. Since this winter feels like we live in the Arctic Circle instead of the Midwest and is lasting longer than the ice age, my thoughts have often transported me to warmer destinations. With that said, my first post will be about hibernating and how to cozy your bedroom into a soothing retreat to get you through until the first thaw.

The easiest thing to change out in a room is the accessories. It can be as simple as adding a driftwood picture frame and a cluster of candles surrounded by white powdery sand or pebbles, all available at your local craft store. For those of you who like to shop off the beaten path like myself, I found a set of French antique mini fruit plates that make the perfect coaster for a bedside table and catch-all for jewelry. To take things a step further, try replacing old knobs on a dresser with a combination of crystal knobs. These can be vintage or new and the reflective quality will bring new life to any piece of furniture.  For the ambitious decorator, install 6″ tongue and groove wood planks over your drywalled bedroom ceiling.  After a few coats of white paint, I guarantee this will give you sweet dreams and the warm feeling of a beach house all year round.

IMG_3885-224x300     IMG_3886-224x300     IMG_3814-224x300